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Pratyush Sharma

jobsclan.com is a social website we say that if we registered on a website of a jobsclan.com.com then also we get a news in mail account or we can see a job on naukri.com website.this is a website in which lakhs of unemployment or who are not getting a job for them it is the best thing for them so I like very much for an unemployment people who are not getting a job.so from this website people know everything where they had to go for a search for a job.

vikash vethshwaran

In terms of a job site, I have a kind of good opinion about it. I have heard a lot of people complaining about what they don’t get jobs from these websites. It also happened to me sometimes. I keep applying for jobs but didn’t receive calls from recruiters. I have been working for the last two years. I have switched two jobs and both the jobs which I got was through jobsclan.com only. So, I am kind of satisfied with what jobsclan offers. There are lots of jobs available in the Market. It depends on how the company’s recruiter feels about your profile. If you qualify the set standards of the company’s recruiter you will surely get a call. if you want to get job updates according to your will then jobsclan.com is good but if you want to have a look at their premium subscription then you need to be sure what kind of job you want. The thing specific with this site is because they are old they provide decent job information in any area you want. This website is good to find any type of job and website loading also very good.

vanshika rajpoot

jobsclan.com is a good online job portal for job seekers and Recruiters. The application is very user-friendly, easy to navigate Many of my friends got benefited from this application and even me also! It is a wonderful platform to search Jobs which is free to use anyone can use this website. I have tried only free services even though it gave me good results If we try for paid services they will take more care

mohit bhattacharya

jobsclan.com is the best sourcing part of resumes, it is a time-consuming process, recruiters can source thousands of profiles by giving required skills, it is the best site for fresher students to upload their resumes and skills along with the profile. We have a chance to upload our image, in some cases, there is a chance to get selected by your way of appearance also. For Employers

kummari priynka rawat

jobsclan.com is one of the first job portals that have come up in India. Although the website boasts of thousands of job openings 60-70% of them are related to IT/Software only. For job seekers who are looking for other industries, this job portal has very little to offer especially if you are looking for a job in a startup. I have been using since I graduated all I got was calls from fake employers and spam emails in Inbox. At the same time, I have heard from many of my friends in the Software industry that they got their jobs via jobsclan.com

niharika mishra

Hello everybody. I want to tell you about my personal reviews on jobsclan.com. This is a website for job placements. We can find and provide jobs easily.

Achii company h mujhe job mill gaii h

Mujhe jab mill gai h mene 2850 payment ki thii our mujhe kafii achi laga jobsclan.com ka job jurnny experience qki me 12 pass huu bhut kum this Meri salary ab mujhe 32k ki salary h as a supervisor logistics company me Thanks jobsclan.com

sunaina ready

When I start up my career in the marketing field, jobsclan.com helps me to arrange an interview, and meeting with the company. And I got a good position in MNC company because of jobsclan.com site. They are awesome and reliable services for me to work on time, amazing response. According to your location and your needed jobs regarding give you better services, very nice communication. I prefer peoples, join this website and make your career bright. spcilly i need to say big thanks to HR vedika mam and aditya sir they are helping me alots

simram arjunkumar

My first-hand experience with this site is really fantastic. I got my first job with the help of jobsclan only. The website is having jobs in all categories. The user interface of the site is very simple and easy to understand. The site provides much better options for experienced employees. The recruitment list is updated almost every day. I purchased the premium membership of the jobsclan.com so I was getting faster responses from the recruiters so it is suggested to be a paid member which in turn helps to get the job faster and the right job according to qualifications. The registration process is very simple and anyone seeking for job or looking for a perfect employee can join the site for free. The customer support is also very informative and they reply on time. This site also supports live chat.The thing which I liked the most is the light ui of the website and I loads fast even when the internet connection is a bit slower. Each and every option on the website is having its own sub-option which provides in-depth information about a particular job or Employer. It also gives the contact no of the employer(varies from employer to employer and depends on the type of job Really a perfect website to find the right job.

sonam mishra

jobsclan.com is the top job providing website in india very good job potal

poonam joshi sharma

Hello all. Are you really searching for a job in India? Do you need employees in your company?. jobsclan.com gives you a better job you are perfect and let you find people for your company. Yes, it is really all the time. I got my data entry online job from jobsclan.com

dipank indoria

The site jobsclan.com is the portal for job seekers whether they are looking for govt.job or private jobs or part-time jobs, it gives full possibilities to get a job. The site is checked and approved by COMODO CA ltd. which a reputed company in the IT market

sunita sharma

It is the best website as per my knowledge. it gives everyday alert to people about jobs private etc. I also registered on this site. it has good service support. it gives us a piece of correct information about a job which is 100% correct. if you use this site then you get all the job alerts quickly. This site is loads very first. service support is also very good. so I like that site. when you use it then you can able to know how it gives service to the people. You can register it with your email or mobile. When job released then they can inform through your mobile or Gmail. Windows notification is also available for that site. if you allow the notification then it gives update notification automatically when you open your chrome browser. it is a very first and forward site for people to get your job. so, I recommended all of you try to register on this site. I am using this site. I also confirm that you can get update alerts quickly. This is all about jobsclan.

Sathish Ramalingam

Hello, friends today I am going to share my personal opinion on the website jobsclan.com. My experience using this website is really good this is totally useful of time money and energy. thanking you jobsclan make my career on my choice field

shubham bharsakle

ts, a great job portal after they have updated their old website user interface. Overall: Its better compared to Indeed, Shine or Times job portals.


My opinion is jobsclan.com services are best, time-saving and recommendable. Because here am sharing my personal experience. Because am getting jobs through jobsclan till today. if I want to change job means I will update my profile in jobsclan.com Guys, initially you have updated your profile in jobsclan.com Make your profile 100% or else at least maintain your profile more than 90%. And along with that, get verified your email and phone no. And keep on updating your profile regularly. this is most important because the recruiter will search for an uodated and verified profile. If the company has really vacancies they contact you through the mail and then they will share their venue for the interview. And in the end, if you attend the interview nicely, 200% you will get a job. If my review is informative to anybody, please mark it as useful or very useful. THANK YOU jobsclan make me proud in front of society

Mangaraj Moharana

Hi, guys, I am sharing the experience of jobsclan.com.com I have taken paid services from jobsclan.com and they did a good job my resume making it a professional one. Changed my incomplete LinkedIn profile to a modified one highlighting my proper skills. Jib done by writers is great as they understand your skills and know-how to summarise it. Getting relevant opportunities as well as. One should go to jobsclan.com for good resume writing. Really a nice site. I refer this site to everyone. Thank you.

amol deep sikhwat

If u want job in urgent jus makes ur profile on jobsclan. Com it is very easy to make profile and then u can fill ur information then the consultant will try to contact u for job offer actually at a tym manny consultant will contact u bt it totally depend on u what type of job u r looking then u can decide then they will schedule ur interview sum constant even trained u before interview that how to give interview it is very good thing and if u search the jobsclan.com it is very easy to use it will also load fast so u can search for jobs

umesh avnnavar

This is the best website to search for a job in any place. you can upload your resume and cover letter. The site working also very fast. you can edit your profile details any time and they are providing paid services also to the people. the response from the team is very good.

rasmi ranjan muduli

jobsclan.com is one of the online portal useful for getting a job. Due to the increasing technological changes, there are so many job portals introduced by the many companies for the purpose of services for citizens. jobs can is one of the best online job portal becoming famous for the past 1 years. It is the best online consultant and maintaining the employee data on his web site. There are so many services offering to the job seekers by alerting the persons by mail or voice mail. It always put his on vacancies and giving information to the job seekers who are suitable for the position. Nowadays the online job portals are playing a vital role in this competitive market for providing services for the benefit of both self and job seekers. Additionally, it is providing subscribed services for maintaining the web site. This is a very popular web site and most people are the members of this web site. The job seekers should register their details in the jobsclan.com with uploading their resume/profile. This is free service and searching suitable jobs for the registered employees continuously for the benefit of job seekers. Along with free service, some other payment modes are also implementing by the web site with additional benefits. Under the subscription method, the web site highlights the profiles of paid registrars at the top of the web site. This is useful for job seekers in view of quickly visible by the employers who want to hire the candidates. So many people got benefits through this jobsclan.com web site in getting placements. This is a universal web site and leading job portal in the whole world in giving services to job seekers. One more thing is even if we did not register, we can search for the jobs which are suitable for us. So this is the brief line about the jobsclan Web Site. Thank You

sneha dattarty gonbare

Hello everybody. I want to tell you about my personal reviews on jobsclan.com. This is a website for job placements. We can find and provide jobs easily. Just we have to register and provide personal details and biodata. Make a good profile. Put your picture. I am using this site for the last 2 years. I am getting a lot of offers from this site. We can get a better placement as per our choice. We can find a better job group by location, salary, field, work experience, education. I always follow up on this site. I always try to update my resume. If there is any job matching to my desired criteria then I get mail on my Gmail account. The information provided by this site is true and trusted. They keep secret of our data. There is no chance of any misuse of our details.

ramnath vidyacharn

jobsclan.com is one of the best job portal, you have to only register on this portal and upload your Resume and get verified, you will get complete information about your skills matching jobs and you will start getting calls from the companies. I am an IT professional and my resume is uploaded on jobsclan.com, I do reply daily lots of calls and emails regarding jobs. I will highly recommend jobsclan.com to those people who are looking for the jobs or job change, you can also purchase a subscription form jobsclan, in case you need some king special help from jobsclan team like resumes modification and interview tips, or if you are looking for some special criteria based new jobs, etc. You have to keep updating your resume on jobsclan.com for getting instant notification.

yogesh shukla

jobsclan.com it is the best website for you to make your career even you can say that it is the best platform because it gives you so much facilities like the contact number of company manager in which you want to do job so you can apply on this website for your job many of the people says that this website gives you that jobs which has been checked but all the fingers In your hands are not same so how can we say that all the employees are fraud so this website is very nice platform and I like it very much

rohit kanojiya ks

I have account in this site last 3 years. I get good job offer through this site. It is genuine, here is no fraud case regarding job offer. I have account this site so that whenever jobs available according to my profile shine send me proposal of that company through my mail account. Many MNC companys get recruit with the help of this site. I get job in through jobsclan.com. I never get any fake call through shine.com. I think those who want job in good reputed company that job seekers, I suggest to get open their account in this site. It really help them those want a good job

After my completion of my degree I had registered in many sites and apps for to get a perfect job for me. I was registered in many sites such as shine.com, Naukari. com, LinkedIn etc. But from this site, that is jobsclan.com i got right jobs in my own place

pooja puniya

I have got my resume and it was as really nice. I like it. This resume is very impressive. Thanks to your team member.

nanita gangoliya

thanks jobsclan.com divya mam you all are very good for provide job in right profile in shourt time i paid 2450 memership in oct2018

smita rajpoot

thank you jobsclan for complite my dreem on right time i am from surat 12th pass and i got job in banking sales profile with 22k salary and allmost 6k insentive

sonam mishra dubey

Hey friends Jobs clan.com is an Indian job portal which is currently operating in India. Service

Akhilesh yadav

I want a electronics engineering related job

Nancy chaudhary

Muje job lg gyi haii kha excellent lagyi 10 very good comay jobsclan


jobsclan.com is the top job providing website in india

Rahul sharma

website where you can find job as per your qualifications or without qualifications as a short term job it’s been the best job offering online portal for over 4 years.

ruchika k s

thanks jobsclan give me a right job which needed

Namrata Sharma

Yesterday I got a call from this website they told me that u will get a job at blank just register I was really excited as I am a student and I was looking for an internship so I thought it was a good opportunity. They told me to pay 2450rs and they told that you will get a call from the HR for and call interview. I struggled paying the amount as i didn’t had debit card or paytym. But I any how went to my friend and give her the cash n ask her to pay through her debit card . They called me like 100 times that did I have any issues in the procedures , it was really nice of them .But after the payment was successful they said wait for the HR call and there was no call .So I called them and they told the HR might be busy so I was like ok and now today is the nxt day n again no call so called them and basically after 4 calls they told me again to do a CV modification which also needs to be paid Like seriously yesterday I clearly told them that I don’t have any e-banking and now when I told them that I won’t be able to pay as I am a student how you expect me to pay so much I understand they have there fee and all but they should I have cleared it before only about how it works really so pissed 😣


join this to get the better future nd growth according to your relevant profile in a very short periods along with each n every details.


Hey friends! Jobs clan.com is an Indian job portal which is currently operating in India. Service & Support: Jobs clan provides one of the best customer service by providing all contacts to get support all over India as well as in every job contact details will be provided.

Tanu Shah

Jobsclan.com it is the best website for you to make your career even you can say that it is the best platform because it gives you so much facilities like the contact number of company manager in which you want to do job so you can apply on this website for your job.

Mayank Benarji

I received two calls recently from jobsclan( as claimed that if i wanted more job openings and to be moved up for clearer view by employer. That i should pay some amount.


Jobsclan.com is one of the most leading site for job portal. All kinds of jobs you can search within a second with the help of this site.Best Job Site My Review.


Hello everybody. I want to tell you about my personal reviews on Jobsclan.com. This is a website for job placements. We can find and provide jobs easily.

Rahul Maurya

Jobsclan.com is a website where you can find job as per your qualifications or without qualifications as a short term job it’s been the best job offering online portal for over 4 years.

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